GPO Joint?

GPO Joint?
What do you think GPO Joint refers to? I googled GPO and found that it may refer to General Power Outlet - but I'm not sure exactly what it means in terms of this road marker. Do you think it's where the main power exchange, or junction, for the homes in this road lies?

5 thoughts on “GPO Joint?

  1. Rory

    I had one of these outside an old flat we used to stay in and I searched for ages to find out! Got the General Power Outlet bit as well…

  2. gerald

    without knowing anything i’d have guessed General Post Office. The GPO here used to be in charge of telephones as well as the mail, but your summation is probably more accurate.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Rory – it however seems Gerald may be correct. I’ve had two other readers email me suggesting that could mean General Post Office. So yeah, Gerald, I guess it may well be pointing out a telephone exchange, or something similar.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. Deems

    In South Africa the GPO is for general post office. Those will be telecoms connection points. HT points are high tension electrical junction points.

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