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Has autumn arrived?

Has autumn arrived?
I do like summer, but given the brownery covering this sidewalk, I suspect we can no longer deny that autumn has arrived in Cape Town. Despite the cooler weather, autumn really is a pretty good time of the year here. We don't normally have a great deal of rain, the wind calms down somewhat, and the landscape turns to beautiful shades of brown. Expect to see a few pretty photos over the next two months. :)

Last of the leaves

Bright orange vine leaf
The vineyards in our area are more or less carrying the last of their autumn orange-brown leaves. This particular vine grows in our back garden, on our patio's fringe. It's an old plant, established by the garden's original owner.

Looking at the leaf's veins - I wonder if a palm-reader could tell me anything about the plant, it's wine-producing potential, or perhaps its future in our garden. :)

Champion Trees

Oak tree leaves

Our government's department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries published a government notice last month that contains a list of proposed Champion Trees - trees that will be given special protection under country law.

The trees mostly have some kind historic or cultural value, or in other cases are simply so old,  large, or remarkable that they deserve being protected from casual removal, or irresponsible felling.

Read the notice and if you believe that a particular tree that you know of should be protected then do your civic duty and contact the department to let them know. There's a little more than 30 days left to comment on the proposed list!

Red leaves

Orange vines, red leaves
These could be some of the last autumn leaves to fall. The signs of Spring are already starting to show in our garden - we have a lemon and naartjie trees full of fruit, our proteas have started bearing flower heads, and the air smells fresher than ever.

Even though we've been having great weather, it's not quite time to put away the warm clothes and double duvets. This little taste of warm weather won't last too long - winter isn't over yet! :)

Orange leaves glowing

Orange leaves glowing
So far we've had far more grey and wet days this year than last. If you were here during the World Cup football you'll remember that we had plenty of cold-yet-sunny days in June/July.

Even though it's been very wet, grey and cold we have had the odd sunny day, and even though it's still cold the sun and blue sky is a welcome reprieve from the winter grey.

I, and perhaps the rest of Cape Town, may complain about the wet and grey conditions, but this is tempered with memories of 2003 when we had much less rain than normal which led to summer water restrictions. In reality, we're grateful for the rain, but I have to be honest and stay that I'd far prefer Johannesburg's warm and rainy weather!

Autumn leaves at the cemetery

Autumn leaves at the cemetery
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Sometimes the most unusual perspectives lead to the most interesting views. Looking at the photo on my over-sized monitor makes me feel like diving though the screen into the bed of leaves. Aren't they pretty? :)

Autumn leaves at Stellenbosch cemetery

Autumn leaves at Stellenbosch cemetery
If you never caught the first post in the series of cemetery photos - click here to see what the series is all about.

This place must have seen a great amount of sadness in its time but yet manages to be so beautiful. Isn't autumn lovely?