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Red leaves

Orange vines, red leaves
These could be some of the last autumn leaves to fall. The signs of Spring are already starting to show in our garden - we have a lemon and naartjie trees full of fruit, our proteas have started bearing flower heads, and the air smells fresher than ever.

Even though we've been having great weather, it's not quite time to put away the warm clothes and double duvets. This little taste of warm weather won't last too long - winter isn't over yet! :)

Pillars and tiles

Tiles and Pillars
This photo is of the same building that I posted yesterday - only looking in exactly the opposite direction, and from the patio.

My grandparents use to live on a farm way north in South Africa and had a patio that was, in some way, similar to this one. The patio had red tiles, much to these, and was kept shiny with a brick-red coloured polish. I think my mother still has a photo of my brother and I covered in red polish after sliding around on the tiles. :)