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Lion’s Head – the view from Oudekraal

Lion's Head - the view from Oudekraal
The word "oudekraal" can be translated directly to "old pen", where pen isn't a sword's replacement - rather the type of pen where animals are held. This spot, somewhere between Camps Bay and Llandudno is a well known beach picnic spot.

Entry costs R30 for adults, and it's slightly cheaper for kids - though I never actually paid proper attention to recall what age qualifies as "kids" and how much entrance costs. The entrance fee buys you braai (barbecue) spots, grassy areas, a few benches, and reasonably clean lavatories - well, for the beach that is.

I'll share a more photos from the area in my next few posts.

A Lion’s Head in passing

A Lion's Head in passing
I was really surprised how many people were parked at the lower entrance to the Lion's Head hiking trail. I live about an half an hour outside of Cape Town, and it would be really nice to live closer - to take more opportunistic advantage of such beautiful sunny windless mornings. :)

Bafana Bafana and bottle caps

Bafana Bafana and bottle caps
Google translates our national football team's name, "Bafana Bafana" as "Boys Boys", but (not speaking Zulu) I've always understood it means "Little Men Little Men"... which is equally strange, translated without cultural meaning context. :)