Monthly Archives: June 2015

Mountain biking in Durbanville

Mountain Biking at Meerendal Wine Estate
One of our favourite local mountain biking spots is up at Meerendal Wine Estate, behind Durbanville, along the Vissershok Road. Locals pay an annual membership fee to use the estate's trail-running and biking routes. If you're visiting from out of town, consider emailing the trail manager to check if they'll throw in a bike ride if you buy a case of their best. ;)

The wheat fields of Meerendal

The wheat fields of Meerendal
For some reason when I think of the Meerendal Wine Estate I only think of vineyards, delicious glasses of wine, and summer afternoon's at Crown Restaurant. I don't think of large wheat fields. Imagine my surprise when stumbling upon this sight.

If you ever do visit Meerendal for a wine tasting or meal, take a short walk North of the restaurant, behind the farm buildings. The views are exquisite.

Boulders’s beachy penguins

Beachy penguins of Boulders
It's fascinating to me how long people stand watching the penguins from the lookout deck at Boulders Beach. More precisely, it's fascinating how long Kerry-Anne and my three nieces are able to watch penguins from the lookout deck at Boulders Beach. :)

Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun
She sat on the embankment at Camps Bay beach, staring into her phone, seemingly waiting for something or someone. After the longest of time she simply stood up and left. I'd been mistaken, all she was doing was soaking up the sun.