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Painting with oil, by Kelly John Gough @artmode

Postcard prints by Kelly John Gough
I'll post one or two more of his works, but in the meantime, don't you think these postcards are a really neat idea? It seems like a really cool idea to snail-mail portrait prints made by a local artist. Check out more of Kelly John Gough's work his website over here.

Sculpting by Gabrielle Alberts @Artmode

Sculpting by Gabrielle Alberts @Artmode
I took this photo at the Artmode event at Youngblood-Africa's gallery in Cape Town. I watched Gabrielle for some time while she worked on this miniture sculpture - it's incredible how delicate she can be while handling the pieces; I'd have broken them several times over. :) Take a look at this interview with her - it's in Afrikaans, so if you don't understand the language... :)

Artmode at the Youngblood Gallery

Artmode at Youngblood
I went along to the Artmode "Holistic Expression of Integrated Arts" event on Thursday - it was fantastic. If you ever see the flyers, or catch wind of it on Social media, make a plan to go along - you're unlikely to regret it.

The evening was hosted at Youngblood-Africa's three-story gallery on 70-72 Bree Street in Cape Town, and brought together performing artists, sculptors, and painters and other artists to produce an ensemble of creative people who entertained us over glasses, many glasses, of wine. :)

I'll post a few more photos of the works that were on display - so, keep an eye out for those and remember, as I said, if you catch wind of Artmode II, be sure to get a ticket. And if that doesn't happen soon enough - take some time to visit Youngblood - you'll be glad you did.

Emptying the Robinson drydock

Emptying the Robinson drydock
If you'e ever wondered at the purpose of the little tunnel to the bottom right of this photo, wonder no more! That's where the huge pumps that empty the Robinson drydock expel their load to.

I watched the water rushing from that tunnel for quite some time, and when I checked the drydock again, it seemed that the water level was exactly where I'd last observed it. :O

Great coffee at Green Point’s Shift

Great coffee at Green Point's Shift
Not only was Shift's coffee in par with Origin and Truth, but the service was pretty damn amazing. I've found that other artisan coffee bars I've frequented tend to have mediocre (even poor) service, whereas Shift (located in the Cape Royale Hotel building on Somerset Road) has superb service. You should try them out.

Win tickets to Artmode on Thursday, 13 November

Cape Town's purple Jacaranda trees
Pretoria is well-known for it's masses of Jacaranda trees. Here's one that I noticed blowing in the wind next to Buitenkant Street in Cape Town this afternoon.

You may be wondering about the title of this post - well, I'm going along to the Artmode "Holistic Expression of Integrated Arts & Music" event and I've managed to secure a few double tickets to give away. So, email me, or @ me on Twitter with the Artmode record label's founders names, and you may win a double ticket, saving you R200.

The event will be at the Youngblood Gallery, 70-72 Bree Street, Cape Town, and will start at 19h00 on Thursday 13 November. For more information about the event, check out the flyer below:

What does “corked wine” taste like?

What does "corked wine" taste like?
Before you think I'm saying it was, this bottle of Shiraz wasn't corked. :) I've never tasted a "corked wine" so I wondered what it would taste like. Here's the description given on "Corked wines smell and taste of damp, soggy, wet or rotten cardboard.".

Sounds delightful, hey?