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Walking the Table Mountain Pipe Track

Walking the Table Mountain Pipe Track
The Pipe Track is a beautiful walk along the Atlantic Seaboard side of Table Mountain. Each morning you're bound to come across dozens of locals taking their dogs for walks, or simply enjoying a stroll along the mountain contours, enjoy the view below.

This photo was taken at about 9am, though it's probably best to walk this trail before 8am, while it's still cool and before the sun's had time to rise over the mountain ridge.

Tobago’s Restaurant at the Radisson

Tobago's Restaurant at the Radisson
We'd never had dinner at Tobago's Restaurant at the Radisson Blu hotel in Granger Bay, and since it was such a beautifully warm and clear evening we decided to catch up with friends and reserve a table overlooking the ocean. While sitting at the table, I realised again that we live in an extraordinarily beautiful city and that we're extremely lucky to be able to afford the luxury of dining at hotel like the Radisson. In some ways not having kids has its perks. :)

On to my review. The service was perfect, and as mentioned, the venue was spectacular. I found the restaurant's menu to be very limited - which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing given my incredible indecisiveness when presented with an extensive menu. Even though the choices were limited, the lack of option was more than adequately made up for by the quality of the food - it was truly outstanding. We ordered dessert after our main meal, which I'm sad to say never lived up to (not even came close to) the standard set by the main meal. The waffles were a little soft, and the meager portion of ice cream not particularly tasty. It's a shame that our evening ended on that note, but still, I'd certainly recommend Tobago's, with caution to avoid the waffles if you're a connoisseur I believe as I am. :)

Fine Music Radio – studios at Artscape

Fine Music Radio - studios at Artscape
I was pretty surprised to find the Fine Music Radio studios at the Artscape Theater Center - but there they we, in the foyer, behind panels of glass.

I'm not a lover of classical music and I find it difficult to appreciate jazz, but from time to time when South Africa's popular music stations irritate me (and they frequently do) I switch over to FMR on 101.3FM. In moments like these FMR helps me escape irritating DJs and annoying music, and fill my car with the peaceful order that classical music tends to bring. Unless of course I happen to tune into a triumphantly-loud orchestral piece... in which case I resign myself to endure silence. :)

Dirty Dancing at Artscape

Artscape Theatre Centre

I found hit hard to hide my surprise on the phone when my bank manager called to offer Kerry-Anne and I a set of complimentary tickets to see Dirty Dancing, the musical, at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town. Thank-you ABSA, the outing was fantastic!

I think I saw about 5 minutes of Dirty Dancing back in 1987. I was young and like most teenage guys, not much into those kinds of movies - we preferred the likes of Rambo and RoboCop. The young girls of that time were however crazy about the movie. Patrick Swayze, the dancing, and the music were in many ways iconic of the era.

We arrived at Artscape at about 19h30, bought a programme, and headed for our seats which were dead-center, in the front, on the balcony. The acting and singing were brilliant, the cast was beautiful, and the dancing... well, the dancing was something else. It was a spectacular show that certainly deserved the audience's enthusiastic cheering and applause.

If you are in Cape Town then there still is time to see the show. Tickets cost R350 per person and the last performance is on Sunday, 3 March.

Helipads and wine estates

Helipads and wine estates
Every self-respecting wine estate has their own helipad, right? Well, Zevenwacht does, so if you're flapping around in your helicopter and need a spot of lunch, they have a lovely brick helipad ready for you to tough down on. :)

The beauty of Zevenwacht

The beauty of Zevenwacht
I remember attending a friend's wedding on the lawn in front of that old Cape Dutch building several years ago. Zevenwacht Estate in Kuilsriver is still just as beautiful as it was then, and while I haven't yet tried the estate's restaurant, I'm fairly confident that you'd enjoy a walk under the trees and among the vines, followed by a breakfast or lunch on the lawn. Give it a try. :)

Breakfast near Durbanville

Breakfast near Durbanville
Besides for Chocolat in Oxford Street, I'm not very sold on breakfast spots in and around Durbanville. Well, that's if one excludes the many wine farms in the area... and then still I find their restaurants pretty much hit-and-miss in terms of quality, service, and appeal.

Kerry-Anne recently discovered a little restaurant, La Feta Vij Eatery, in the High Street Shopping Village, so we decided to pay them a visit for a quick breakfast. While not the most scenic of spots, the restaurant's decor was beautiful, the staff were lovely, and the quiet french music playing in the background had the relaxing effect the proprietors intended to create.

They had several delicious-sounding items on the breakfast menu, and after some deliberation I decided on the french toast - I'm a sucker for bacon and green figs. While the bacon wasn't crispy (as the menu suggested it would be) there was plenty of it and the combination of syrup, bacon, and figs on the egg-infused ciabatta was truly exquisite.

Pay La Feta Vij Eatery (map) in the High Street Shopping Village a visit - I'm convinced you'll be glad you did.

The Woodlands Eatery

The Woodlands Eatery
We visited The Woodlands Eatery in the suburb of Vredehoek (just above the city center) for lunch - the traditional Italian pizza was delicious. In fact, I ate far too much.

The Woodlands Eatery has a pretty relaxed feel, our lunch appeared on our table in a reasonable amount of time and the staff were friendly, though not intruding.

The part of the establishment in this photo is mostly used for evening dining - but I decided to post it to show some of the eclectic decor that fills the little restaurant. Unusual, interesting, and pretty awesome, don't you think?

Ducati – a beautiful machine

Ducati - a beautiful machine
I mentioned the beautiful Aston Martin shop at the V&A Watefront in my previous post. Doesn't it make perfect sense to have a Ducati store right next door? Mine is somewhat of a closeup photo of the fuel tank, but isn't this one just awesome?

Ford Mustang 289

Ford Mustang 289
I found this beauty (a Ford Mustang 289) parked in the underground parking lot behind the (awesome) Aston Martin dealership at the V&A Waterfront. It's an arty photo, but isn't she beautiful? Wouldn't you love to take a ride in her?

Passing of time – Bantry Bay

Passing of time - Bantry Bay
"Therefore a man should examine for himself the great piles of superimposed strata, and watch the rivulets bringing down mud, and the waves wearing away the sea-cliffs, in order to comprehend something about the duration of past time, the monuments of which we see all around us." - Darwin

Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts

The Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset concerts
If you've not yet been to one of the annual Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts at the botanical gardens then you've certainly missed out. The programme runs until the first week in April (closing the season with Johnny Clegg) so you still have plenty of time. Review the programme, choose a concert, and go. You won't regret you did.