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Peninsula trip stop 7: Dinner at Cape to Cuba

Peninsula trip stop 7: Dinner at Cape to Cuba
Dinner at Cape to Cuba in Kalk Bay was awesome. Their service was snappy, they had half-price cocktails (between 5pm and 7pm) and the array of unusual dishes were both tasty and pretty well priced.

If you enjoy eclectic décor, beach sand, good service, then visit Cape To Cuba in Kalk Bay - it was pretty awesome. :)

Peninsula trip stop 6: Boulders Penguin Colony

Peninsula trip stop 6: Boulders Penguin Colony
Contrary to what Pixar would have you believe, penguins don't all live in the icy Arctic regions - we have plenty of African penguins along our shores. Two places that you'll more than certainly see penguins is at Betty's Bay, and this place, Boulders Beach.

What's awesome about Boulders Beach is that it's a regular beach where people are allowed to bathe in the sun and swim in the ocean together with the penguins. Entry to Boulders Beach is paid for and strictly controlled as not to overcrowd the penguins.

Peninsula trip “stop” 5: Chapman’s Peak Drive

Peninsula trip stop '5": Chapman's Peak Drive
Chapman's Peak Drive is one of the most scenic routes in the Cape Town area. The area that you see in this photo is known as Hout Bay, or as locals often refer to it, the Republic of Hout Bay.

As with our previous "stop" at Camps Bay, we never actually stopped on Chapman's Peak Drive since were in a rush to get around the mountain into Noordhoek, and over the hills into Simon's Town for our last official stop before hitting Kalk Bay for dinner.

Peninsula trip “stop” 4: Camps Bay

Peninsula trip stop 3: The V&A Waterfront
By the time we hit the Camps Bay part of our Peninsula trip I realised that we were running out if time pretty quickly and it would be impossible to make time to stop for a walk on Camps Bay beach. The weather was (as you can see) pretty much perfect for a day at the beach, but we had bigger birds to fry, so we headed off along Victoria Road in the direction of Hout Bay.

Peninsula trip stop 3: The V&A Waterfront

Peninsula trip stop 3: The V&A Waterfront
Some of our little tour group hadn't yet visited the V&A Waterfront, so we made this the third stop of our one-day peninsula trip.

Our party spent about an hour visiting the Blue Shed craft market - where they bought a few African treats. I thought about swinging past one of the roadside informal markets to get a better deal, but time wasn't on our side, so we paid the premium Waterfront prices (which weren't actually so expensive, anyway).

Once done buying souvenirs, we headed over to Quay 4 for a quick bite to eat before boarding our shuttle to the next destination...

Peninsula trip stop 2: The Company’s Garden

Peninsula trip stop 2: The Company's Garden
The second stop of our trip around the peninsula was at the Company's Garden. The word "Company" in the name referrers to the Dutch East India company, who were the first European settlers to land and set up a base at Cape Town. The Company's Garden was established by the commander, Jan Van Riebeeck, to grow produce to supply passing ships with food.

For their historical significance, the gardens are today considered a national monument.

Peninsula trip stop 1: Rhodes Memorial

Peninsula trip stop 1: Rhodes Memorial
You may have noticed that we're about a week behind on our daily photos. We have, you see, been at a conference in Stellenbosch for the past week.

On Saturday we hired a shuttle and driver from CT Shuttles and took a small group of our international visitors on a trip around a part of the peninsula. Over the next few days I'll endeavour to catch up the lost days and bring you a set of photos from our trip! :)

Our driver arrived promptly at Spier Estate at 10am and we headed straight to our first stop, Rhodes Memorial, where this photo was taken. Isn't it a pretty view?

More flowers above

Purple flowers above
I was in two minds whether or not to post yesterday's photo, or this one that I'm posting today - I liked them both, almost equally. I'm curious though, which do you prefer? Please leave a comment - yesterday's or today's? :)

Spring water… and snow

Spring water... and snow
Yes the title of this post is misleading... and rather clever, if I do say so myself. :) It's spring in Cape Town and after a warm couple of days it's started raining cats, dogs, piggies, lions and leopards.

It got extremely cold again today - like a winter's revenge kind of cold - and the rain has poured almost all day. And, as the title suggests, it appears that it's even snowed in Stellenbosch (albeit only on the mountain peaks)!

What I'm wanting to know is, who did what to provoke nature's anger?

Craft markets and cacti

Craft markets and cacti
We happened upon this awesome little stall at Rondebosch Craft Market on Saturday. Isn't this such a cool idea - to grow cacti in pieces of old train sleeper wood? What an awesome idea! :) (Click on the photo to see more detail.)

Visit Rondebosch Craft market every second Saturday of the month between 9am and 2pm at the Rondebosch Park.

Rondebosch Craft Market

Craft Market in a park
The craft market in Rodebosch Park (map) runs every second Saturday of each month between 9am and 2pm. Crafters pay a small fee and take along a table, perhaps a gazebo, and a battery of crafts.

Given the size of the park we anticipated a huge number of craft tables and were a little disappointed to find only a small group of crafters - perhaps between 30 and 35. That said, even though we were disappointed that the market wasn't larger we found that several of the stands had beautiful and very well-made products.

If you do like arts and crafts or if you need more jewellery or painted artwork, you'll find a few great items here. So, on the next second Saturday, pack in a little cash and make a turn at Rondebosch Park - you're sure to enjoy it.

Stellenbosch content conference

Stellenbosch Streets
Kerry-Anne will be hosting CS Forum 2012 later this month in the lovely town of Stellenbosch. Well, not in the town, rather at well-known Spier Estate, which is about 5 minutes' drive out into wine country.

If your line of work involves content governance, management, or production, or if you're interested in what industry leaders have to say about user experience and design, then make use of the 10% discount code for CTDP readers (see below for details). Come along and listen to talks presented by Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Opera, and even the Western Cape government! :)

CS Forum 2012 takes place at Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, from 24 to 26 October, so there's still time to get your tickets. Find out all about the speakers, the talks, the workshops, the sponsorship opportunities, and the parties at Cape Town Daily Photo readers can get a 10% discount on their conference tickets, by using the discount code CTDP10 when registering.

An unusual spot for a garden chair

An unusual spot for a garden chair
I found this chair carefully positioned among these Agapanthus plants at one of the Stellenbosch University student residences. Perhaps this residence is where all the art and sculpture students live. :)

Lady Peculiar

Lady Peculiar
Lady Peculiar was closed when I walked past, so I wasn't able to inspect their wares, but, a quick browse of their site suggests that it's a place that I should rather not take Kerry-Anne to visit. :)

They seem to have quite a variety of beautiful accessories. While they don't appear to list prices on their website, I'm going to hazard a guess that they're not particularly cheap, though probably not unaffordable. Perhaps pay them a visit next time you're in Stellenbosch.

Toilet paper and black bags

Toilet paper and black bags
Well no, I'm not trying to sell toilet paper or black bags. I noticed this sign pasted on the back of a road sign and wondered to myself whether tourists, visitors to Cape Town, are ever confused by signs like this.

In case it's not obvious, the owner of that phone number sells refuse bags and toilet paper - at a reduced price, and often of inferior quality (though not always so). Everybody's trying to earn extra money, so people find ways to undercut regular retailers and sell directly to the public.

Gargantuan gutters

Gargantuan gutters
The roads of Stellenbosch have serious gutters. This one isn't even the deepest - some gutters are more like canals with fairly decent streams of water flowing along their length. Try not to run your car off into one of those babies - it won't be pleasant. :)

Spring flowers

Spring flowers
It is spring, and while we're still having rainy days, this has to be the best time of the year for wandering around in Stellenbosch. The manicured gardens with their large green lawns and bright colourful flowers are especially beautiful at this time of the year.

The leafy Andringa Road in Stellenbosch

The leafy Andringa Road in Stellenbosch
The old buildings, tree-lined streets, and plethora of restaurants and coffee shops make Andringa Road (map), and its surrounding areas, a great place to have an early morning photo walk. Grab a friend and try it some time. :)

Harmonie – a student residence in Stellenbosch

Harmonie - a student residence in Stellenbosch
The student's of Stellenbosch University are privileged to have what may be the most beautiful surroundings in which to live and study. Besides for the town being lovely, the university complex and student residences have large manicured lawns, huge trees, plenty of flowers, and old buildings filled with decades of history.

This particular building, named Harmonie (an Afrikaans word meaning "Harmony"), is a woman's residence filled with about 160 young students. The building was built in 1905 - which (if I recall correctly from a brief history lesson given by one of its beautiful occupants) is the oldest in Stellenbosch.

A friend and I spent some time taking photos here - it was quite beautiful and peaceful - a place that lends itself to a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for studying and daydreaming about the future.

If you're into Content Strategy, UX, or even strategic marketing, then be sure not to miss Content Strategy Forum 2012 that Kerry-Anne will be hosting at the Spier estate in Stellenbosch from 24 to 26 October 2012.

Good sushi in Cape Town’s Long Street

A new sushi spot in Cape Town
If in the past you've been a great fan of Sawadee (that little restaurant just off Kloof Nek Road) then perhaps you'll be pleased to know that their sushi chef has move and opened a restaurant lower down on Long Street, where it intersects with the brick-paved Waterkant Street (map).

We met up with a friend at Phad Thai on Saturday evening. The sushi was as great as it had been at Sawadee, and the restaurant wasn't as noisy or crowded as I believe it can be during lunch hours.

It's not a pretentious restaurant by any means - the décor is modest, and there's no need to haul out your best Levis, or most plush dress. If you've never been, you'd probably do yourself a favour to visit pay Phad Thai a visit for a late lunch or early dinner.