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Sinn’s summer special

Sinn's summer special

We're not often invited to review the restaurants that we write about, so when we were asked to visit Sinn's in Wembley Square (map) to try out their summer specials, it was a no-brainer.

Owner and chef Thomas Sinn was on leave for the day, but left instructions for his chefs to prepare taster-size portions of 5 of the 6 dishes on his Summer Lunch Specials list, some of which I've included in the photo above. Each of these Summer Lunch Special meals costs just R50. Based on the size of the dishes and the quality of the food, it's a definite bargain!

Below we've ranked the five dishes in order of our preference. Even though we've ranked them, allow me to say that every dish was pretty impressive, and each would have been perfectly satisfying on its own.

The first on our list, and top-right in the photo, was the Zorbian Chicken - a very mild chicken curry served with basmati rice, poppadums, and sweet-and-sour aubergine. This one won first place because of the variety of tastes and the unusual (and yummy!) sweet-and-sour aubergine.

Paprika Chicken was next on our list, and was in fact a strong contender for first place. The dish consists of chicken in a rich and creamy paprika sauce, served with spaetzle. The chicken in this dish was tender, the spaetzle was a good accompaniment, and the paprika sauce was out of this world - so much so that we both highly recommend this dish.

The Oriental Seared Sirloin is, in our opinion, the next logical choice if you'd prefer not to have chicken or a cream-based sauce. The (perfectly) grilled pieces of marinated sirloin were carefully laid over a salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and sprouts. I'm not exactly sure what the dressing contained (it was sweet, with perhaps a hint of chilli), but what I can say is that I found myself scooping every last drop from the bowl. The dish was pretty darn good and if I were in the mood for red meat, I'd definitely have this one again.

I can't recall that I've ever had Croque Madame. For someone who enjoys toasted sandwiches, this was a real treat. The sandwich (bottom left in the photo) contains cheese and ham, and is topped with a fried egg. The dish also includes a variety of simple salads and a portion of chips. The sandwich itself was very good - I enjoyed it plenty - and the salads offered a nice range of flavours. Although Kerry-Anne enjoyed the chips, I can't say that they were the best I've ever had.

The final dish on our list was the Roast Vegetable and Tomato with Chilli Penne. This is the vegetarian option, which I guess is part of the reason it ended up in last place on our list. The pasta dish tasted nice: the vegetables were yummy, the penne was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was good. As I mentioned, we only had a small portion each, but after some thought I decided that a full portion could have become monotonous to eat (I usually have this problem with pasta dishes, though, so perhaps that's just a matter of personal taste).

After such a massive quantity of food (which I'm mildly embarrassed about finishing), it was a real treat when Dylan, our waiter, brought around a lovely apricot sorbet (bottom right) to conclude our lunch. Kerry-Anne loves sorbet, but I'm not usually partial to it. This one was pretty good, though, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

In conclusion, all the dishes were very good, and any one of them is truly a bargain at R50. All the staff seem to enjoy working at Sinn's (which creates a great atmosphere) and our waiter specifically was attentive, friendly and knowledgeable about the food and its ingredients.

The view from Salt Restaurant

The view from Salt Restaurant
In my previous article I posted a photo that I took down towards the ground from the window at Salt Restaurant. This photo shows the view when looking out from the window, towards the left.

This was our first visit to Salt and, besides for the gorgeous view, we found the service and the food outstanding. As a starter we ordered Ballottine of Trout - which turned out to be a magnificent choice. For our main course we both enjoyed a (very rare, very tender, and very sizable) sirloin steak, with a huge and perfectly prepared cappuccino crème brûlée to complete the meal. (We're pretty fussy when it comes to crème brûlée, so the words "perfectly prepared" shouldn't be taken lightly).

All in all, while Salt is a little on the expensive side, we really enjoyed ourselves. The food tasted great and for a fine-dining restaurant, the portions were very large. The only thing that I'm able to criticize them on is the coffee - it was far too strong (for my liking).

Well done Salt!

Salt Restaurant at the Ambassador Hotel

Salt Restaurant at the Ambassador Hotel
I took this photo from our table alongside the large windows that show off Table Bay and the great Atlantic Ocean. Salt, the Ambassador Hotel's restaurant, is perched directly above the hotel - which (as you can see) is positioned practically against the water's edge. Imagine staying here for a few nights - wouldn't it be just utterly sublime?

In my next post I'll tell you a little more about the awesome meal that we enjoyed, but for now, visit their website to see the beautiful photo taken of the view from inside the restaurant. It's truly a spectacularly romantic spot for evening dining.

Flowering tea

Flowering tea
I've only recently become aware of flowering tea - first when Nicola (from Wots for Lunch?) commented on having it at Myatt Café at the V&A Waterfront, and then when Kerry-Anne mentioned that Vista Bar at the One & Only hotel serves a few different flowering teas.

At first I though that the tea was some kind of dried flower - presumably from a tea plant. However on closer inspection I noticed that it appeared to be a bundle if tea leaves wound tightly together by cotton thread. From the photo you're able to see that my tea actually had little red flowers hidden inside, that appeared as the dried bundle expanded and "bloomed" in the hot water.

My review of the tea is that it's very pretty to watch, but lacks the taste of traditional Earl Grey, Rooibos, or Ceylon tea. In addition to my ambivalent feeling about it's taste, the tea is frightfully expensive compared to traditional teas. Personally, I still prefer South African Rooibos over all these - but that said, I'm glad to have tried it - once. :)

Jan Cats restaurant at the Stellenbosch Hotel

Jan Cats restaurant in Stellenbosch
Jan Cats is the bistro and bar at the old Stellenbosch Hotel, on the corner of Dorp Street and Andringa Road in Stellenbosch (map).

The restaurant was fairly quiet - I suspect because most of the the university students are away on holiday. They had a fairly large selection of meals to choose from and a number of special offers, including 40% off chicken and beef burgers. The food wasn't anything extraordinary, but perfectly acceptable (although, we'd recommend chicken over the beef patties). The day had been pretty warm, so what was great about the restaurant was that we were able to sit outside on the cool patio amidst huge oak trees, enjoying the peaceful evening atmosphere.

If it's a warm evening, and you're in the mood for pub/bistro-type food, and if there's place out on the patio - I'd recommend visiting Jan Cats. If you can't sit on the patio - I'd probably select another restaurant in Andringa Road.

High Tea at the One & Only

High Tea at the One & Only
While many Capetonians made their way to the beaches or shopping malls to escape the intense heat we’ve been experiencing, Kerry-Anne and I made our way to the tranquil and cool One & Only for High Tea. We spent about two-and-a-half air-conditioned hours sitting in comfy chairs drinking unusual teas and eating the most delectable sweets and savories from the buffet table. The whole experience was truly delightful.

What made the visit to the One & Only a little more special was that we spoke for a while with the hotel’s executive chef, Roberto de Carvalho (who joined the One & Only in December and was formerly executive chef at the 12 Apostles). From what I’ve heard, and from what Kerry-Anne has experienced, executive chefs often tend to be aloof, slightly eccentric, and engrossed in their own culinary fame. Roberto, on the other hand, appeared not to fit into that box at all – he seems to be a genuinely nice guy with a passion for awesome food.

We spoke for a few minutes about the cakes, his yummy macarons, and his new position at the One & Only, and then continued to relax while munching away and being bathed in the 5-star service that you’d expect from an O&O hotel. It was a great afternoon that comes highly recommended.

Read this article about Roberto's move to the One & Only, and perhaps this Q&A session with Muzi Mohale.

Myatt Café & Chocolatier for tea

Teapot at Myatt
I'd often seen Myatt Café in the V&A Waterfront mall, but I've always been a little confused by the place. For some reason the café's never really looked like a café to me. It's location is almost unexpected - and because of this and it's boutique-like décor and styling I've never really been sure what it was - and never taken the time to take a close look.

What eventually led us to Myatt was that it was windy outside and we were looking for a quite and comfortable place to have tea and a light snack. After browsing past other noisy restaurants and coffee shops we stumbled upon the quiet and brightly-lit Myatt Café. Even though the macarons that we ordered weren't comparable to those at Daniela's the good service and great array of tasty teas served in beautiful pots definitely made up for it.

Myatt is located on the top level of the V&A shopping mall, on the far side - close to Primi Piatti.

Christmas tree at the Pink Lady

A Christmas Tree

Christmas Day is nearly upon us in Cape Town. In fact, it's about an hour away! In a previous post I commented on how white Christmas trees seem so out of place in Africa. This one at the Mount Nelson Hotel (a.k.a. The Pink Lady) is far more appropriate, don't you think? :)

I visited the Mount Nelson for a quick drink with a friend. If you've never been, then you have to go. The staff are really professional and the service is exactly what you'd expect from a five-star hotel. Although it's a little more expensive than other nearby restaurants, meeting for drinks at the Planet Restaurant or Planet Bar (map) is super-convenient, because while parking in Cape Town is often difficult to find, the hotel provides plenty of free undercover parking (which is awesome if you prefer not returning to a car that's been baking in our hot African summer sun)!

If you celebrate Christmas, allow us to wish you an awesome Christmas Day filled with love and good cheer. If you don't celebrate Christmas, well, then, allow us to wish you an awesome day filled with love and good cheer. ;) Merry Christmas, folks.

Chef Pon’s Sawaddee

Dinner at Sawaddee

Chef Pon and a partner started Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen a while ago, but then he parted ways with his partner who retained the Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen and Chef Pon (this is confusing, right?) opened Chef Pon's Sawaddee - in Rheede Street (map).

Although I've never eaten there, I've heard that CP Asian Kitchen isn't what it use to be. By contrast I've visited CP Sawaddee and found the food to be exceptional. We normally go there for their sushi (you HAVE to try the Chef's Special), but I've eaten two of their Thai beef meals and they we're both brilliant.

In summary, food was great and reasonably-priced, and the atmosphere was pleasant. The only negative aspect of the restaurant is that each time we've visited we've been surprised at how early they close. The restaurant seems clear at about 10pm (closing at 22h30) - which you realise by the fact that one or two lights are switched off and the sushi chef cleans up his station and leaves for the evening. Very subtle guys. ;)

Empire Asian Restaurant in Sea Point

Indian Elephant

To celebrate my sister's birthday we joined her and a few of her friends for dinner at Empire Asian Restaurant, one of the Chinese restaurants in Sea Point Main Road. The plan was to take advantage of their R99 all-you-can-eat sushi special.

What I learned from the experience is that one can only eat a certain amount of salmon and tuna before feeling just a little ill. :) The service was great, but the sushi was only "okay" and not up to the likes of Sevruga (in the V&A Waterfront) and Sawadee (just off Kloof Street). Some of our party decided to skip the sushi and dine on the traditional Chinese meals which looked absolutely scrumptious (and instantly had me regretting opting for the R99 special!).

Tip: Skip the coffee, have the green tea. The Chinese don't seem to be much into coffee and I'm pretty convinced it was instant. I normally drink instant coffee, so it was fine, but it probably wouldn't satisfy my coffee snob friends. :D

Cape Town’s Le Relais de l’Entrecôte

Restaurant tables
Headquarters in Cape Town's Heritage Square is a steak restaurant fashioned after Paris's Le Relais de l'Entrecôte. The concept of both restaurants is that they serve a set starter and then for the main course only steak and chips, completing the meal with a variety of desserts from which one can choose.

Headquarters in particular serves only (extremely tender) sirloin steak with Mac Donalds-style razor-thin chips. Although they have a vegetarian option, it wouldn't make sense for vegetarians to visit - they really do specialise in steak.

A tip that I can offer is to try visiting HQ (map) at some time other than Friday and Saturday nights. They tend to get very busy around those times and things do get a little hectic in this long room. Also, we found our steak was much better on a Saturday afternoon when things weren't quite as rushed. As you can see from the photo, the restaurant is pretty quiet on a Saturday afternoon.

Food quality: pretty good, but as stated, the steak is better when it's quieter.
Atmosphere: stylish, modern and trendy.
Value for money: averagely-priced for restaurants in a similar class.

A chef at work

A chef at work
While on honeymoon, a while back now, Kerry-Anne and I spent a short while at the spectacular Vineyard Hotel. Recently a friend invited a few of us to spend the evening enjoying a 6 course dinner at at Myoga, one of the Hotel's restaurants. The meal was wonderful. The portions were certainly not large, but on conclusion of the sixth, I felt as though I'd eaten a small elephant - and a pretty tasty one at that!

The strangely unusual thing about Mayoga is that the kitchen is more or less situated amidst the diners, so that you have a view into what the chefs are up to. Now you may not think that's strange or unusual, but what we discovered is that even by visiting the lavatories you can't escape a view of the kitchen - they have LDC monitors inside each cubical, showing the chefs preparing food in the kitchen!

Now that's kind strange, wouldn't you say so?

Keep it real

A pink cocktail

I'm so glad I didn't accidentally order this pink cocktail; I'd hate for an accusatory big black man to have spontaneously appeared next to me, like in this popular TV ad.

Kerry-Anne and I decided to take advantage of Leaf Restaurant and Bar's half-price sushi and cocktail special. Unfortunately for us, we quickly realised how it is that they're able to offer this semi-permanent special. The cocktails were filled with more ice and less alcohol than we'd expected, and the pieces of sushi were smaller than what we're accustomed to, plus the rice fell apart far too easily.

It's possible that the restaurant was just having a bad day, but unfortunately for them we're spoiled for choice in Cape Town, so we probably won't end up there again.

Vaudeville and its performing delights

Vaudeville Fez Club

Kerry-Anne's business does some work for Yola, a company that provides an infrastructure allowing you to easily build your own website. Because of this, we were invited along to the company's year-end function at the Vaudeville burlesque supper club.

An evening at Vaudeville involves about 300 people gathering for dinner around a stage in a long, dimly-lit room, while a variety of performers put on a show that some may describe as gaudy and risqué in style. The atmosphere reminded me of Moulin Rouge, the movie, and perhaps Chicago, the musical.

The evening was brilliant and definitely comes highly recommended. The only negative aspect for me was that the food, although perfectly acceptable, wasn't particularly "wow". However, after reading a blog post by Oscar, the chef, I realised that I'd completely missed the extraordinary feat that the kitchen had performed in delivering 300 meals that would satisfy most of the diverse palates in under 20 minutes.

So, if you'd like to enjoy an evening of slightly dark and moderately risqué entertainment, with a reasonable meal - grab a few friends and book a table at Vaudeville.

Lunch at Saul’s Taverna

Saul's Taverna
Saul is a local businessman and restaurateur who own's several Saul's restaurants in the Sea Point area and across the peninsula. We'd once visited Saul's Saloon (in Seapoint) at 3am (after we'd been out dancing) and were so impressed by the burgers that we decided to try Saul's Taverna (on the Bantry Bay side of Sea Point, near the circle).

Before telling you about Saul's Taverna, let me say that Saul's Saloon's burgers weren't gourmet burgers by any stretch of the imagination, but they were the most fantastic 3am snack that I'd ever had. While clean and well run, the restaurant isn't pretentious at all - and certainly doesn't even try to present itself as an upmarket restaurant. That said, especially at 3am, the burgers, chips and coffee was wonderful, and very well priced.

So, as I was saying, we tried out Saul's Taverna for lunch. While the Mediterranean decor created an interesting atmosphere we left feeling somewhat ambivalent about the food. My warthog ribs were fine, and Kerry-Anne's lamb schwarma was OK, but in our opinion neither anything special and while not expensive, not cheap either.

Perhaps it was just that our previous visit to Gourmet Burger was still fresh in our minds, or perhaps it was because we were the only patrons in the restaurant - who knows?

Awesome burgers

Gourmet Burger restaurant
Kerry-Anne found a two-for-one coupon for Gourmet Burger (a restaurant that we've been meaning to try out for some time) in a promotional flyer a while ago. We eventually got around to visiting the restaurant, and oh my, it really was pretty awesome.

Kerry-Anne had a chicken burger, covered with Camembert cheese and cranberry sauce. I had a traditional beef burger with a creamy mushroom sauce. (menu). Both were pretty darn good, but what made the outing great was that our waitress was friendly, smart, and efficient.

I don't think they're normally as quiet as the photo portrays it is. We visited on a Saturday afternoon, which appears to be the perfect time for a quiet lunch out. (map)

Why we love Wembley Square

Sinn's Restaurant in Wembley Square
Perhaps the reason for all the fuss around Wembley Square stems from the trendy style that the small centre with it's restaurants, coffee shops and boutique shops oozes. Or, perhaps it's because of the natural light that streams through the glass ceiling and doors that gives the square it's outside feel, but keeps it protected from the enthusiastic wind and rain that our fair city is known for.

Personally, I think it's both of these, plus that S-Bar (part of Sinn's Restaurant) has comfy couches and low tables that friends can gather around to enjoy drinks and tapas. Whatever the reason - the spot remains a great place to relax with friends and soak up the City. :)

Spring specials at Sinn’s

Moroccan Spicy Chicken Salad

Sinn's Restaurant in Wembley Square (map) is a favorite for many of Cape Town's inhabitants. I was recently invited to visit to try their R50 spring lunch specials - and oh, what a treat it was!

On arrival I was unsure of which dish to try, but Thomas Sinn (owner and, from what I can gather, head chef) had a special smaller serving of five of the six dishes lined up me to try out. What you see in this photo is the Moroccan Spicy Chicken Salad - harissa-coated chicken with lettuce, chick peas, cherry tomatoes, and a toasted sesame seed dressing. I have to say that it was indeed pretty yummy!

This treat was followed up with Chicken Korma (perhaps my favorite), Cajun Chicken Burger, Fried Black Mussel Noodles, and finally Black Lentil Bobotie. Even though I had reduced portions I'm sure you can imagine I practically rolled out of the restaurant - very satisfied. :)

As mentioned, the Chicken Korma was my favorite, but the seared taste of the cajun chicken was a pretty close second. While I don't normally eat mussels (I don't like the fishy taste) the Fried Black Mussel Noodles, I have to admit, was pretty awesome - none of that nasty fishy taste! And, the last course, the Black Lentil Bobotie? Well, I don't eat bobotie but even though I was pretty full by the time this dish arrived, I very almost finished it (especially after a vegetarian friend emphasised how healthy lentils are!). :)

Miss K in Greenpoint

Miss K in Greenpoint
Again, thanks to a special deal that Kerry-Anne bought through Twangoo, we found ourselves exploring a restaurant that we hadn't previously visited - Miss K in Greenpoint (map).

The bright-white decor gives Miss K has a fantastic light and open feeling that's perfectly suited to day-time visits. We visited for their buffet lunch which consisted of various salads and the most fantastic rare beef. The buffet never had a huge selection of dishes, so I took a little of everything - and I have to say that the combination of flavours was awesome!

What sealed the lunch as perfect was at tall, dark, Lindt chocolate milkshake at the end! :) Miss K; certainly worth a visit!

Unconventional sushi chefs

Unconventional sushi chefs

Kerry-Anne recently bought a two-for-the-price-of-one Wakame sushi voucher from Twangoo, and graciously invited me to tag along to enjoy a sushi platter. Wakame's one of our favoured restaurants in Cape Town (Mouille Point, to be exact) so we were bound to enjoy the delectable treats prepared by what, we assumed, must be the best Japanese chefs in the country.

However, what I discovered was that the sushi chefs weren't Japanese at all. Even though the sushi was cut to precision, kept its form impeccably (even after being manhandled by my chopsticks), and tasted exquisite - it turns out that they were crafted by the very-black-and-decidely-not-Japanese gentlemen on the right of this photo!

Congrats to Marius for, in my last post, guessing correctly that the lights were from Wakame. :)

Have you seen these lights before?

Restaurant lights
I took this photo at a popular restaurant in the Cape Town vicinity. It's near the ocean and they serve great sushi. Do you recognise these ceiling lights; have you seen them before?

If you're sure that you've seen these lights before, leave a message here and name the restaurant! :)

The Eastern Food Bazaar

Eastern Food Bazaar

This, my dear friends, is my latest discovery and the answer to the question posed a couple of posts back - the Eastern Food Bazaar (map). A colleague recommended the place, so on this particular day, while in the area, I decided pay them a visit.

The concept is that you browse the half-a-dozen stalls, inspecting each for what  your tummy desire. Once you've memorised your list you pay for the meal at one of two pay points (at the same time specifying if you'd like the food in a take-away container) and then receive in return a printed slip that lists what you've purchased. This slip you present at each of the stalls in exchange for the food you've purchased.

Three things about the visit impressed me. The first thing was how clean each food stall was; the second was how friendly everyone working there was; and the last was how large the portions were - given that most curries were priced between R25 and R30, with the most expensive being R35 (excluding rice and naan)!

In terms of the quailty of the meal - it was great. The Rogan Josh that I had was fairly hot, and I guess the only point that I could criticize the meal on is that there were more bones than I'd expected. However, Indian curries rely on bones for flavour - and for R30 I'd be hard-pressed to feel cheated. :)

Old wooden décor

Old wooden furniture
I may be dragging out the question that I posed in my second-last post a little, but (besides for the fact that I'm a little behind in these daily photos) there were so many photo opportunities at this place that I've decided to give one more clue before revealing this restaurant's identity and location.

Don't you just love this wooden décor? While it wouldn't suite our house I think it's awesome. Take a close look at the woodwork and imagine a family crowded around a piece of wood, carving out every detail by hand. I kid you not, much of this type of furniture is made by mom, dad and their children.

I find myself thinking of this both as wonderful and sad at the same time. While this kind of family work may instill a great sense of unity it's sad that in many parts of the world kids aren't left to be kids for very long. All too soon the practice of having to earn one's keep become a reality.

An old-old till

An old till
In my previous post I asked if you had any idea where I'd gone to buy lunch. You may have been tempted to think that I was referring to the Woolworths restaurant on the corner of Corporation and Longmarket Street (map).

The clue however was in the phrase "refreshingly different take-away lunch" - a category which I'm afraid I wouldn't place the Woolworths restaurant into. In this photo is another clue to where I bought lunch. Besides for this till, take note of the left top corner of the photo.

You'll find this place very close to the Woolworths restaurant.

Pakalolo in Hout Bay

Pakalolo in Hout Bay
After enjoying an awesome dinner with friends at the you-have-to-book-far-in-advance Kitima restaurant in Hout Bay we headed down to Pakalolo (a local bar) to meet up with friends.

The bar (seen through the arch) has a beach/Mexican décor and atmosphere and often hosts live music and comedy shows. Pakalolo serves a variety of food, but appear to specialise in Mexican cuisine. I can't say that the evening entertainment grabbed my attention, or that the bar and atmosphere was my scene - but I can imagine that it's an awesome place to sit back, relax and enjoy snacks and a couple of drinks after spending time on Hout Bay Beach.

I'd pay it another visit during the day - for sure. :)

Cheese scones and rooibos tea

A lovely little sugar dish
After driving up and down various arterial roads that surround Stellenbosch, the only place that we found able to help fill our tummies a little on a Sunday afternoon was Mamma Jone's at Delvera.

It was lovely sitting outside in the sun on a warm Winter's afternoon munching on scones and sipping rooibos tea. I'd recommend it highly. :)

Quay 4 at the Waterfront

Quay Four
If you've been to the V&A Waterfront then you must at least have seen Quay Four, and I guess it's likely that you've enjoyed a drink and perhaps lunch on their outside deck while watching boats sail past the quays.

We've watched one or two football games at Quay Four over the past weeks, and of the places in the Waterfront to view the games, I'd have to rate it to be the place I've enjoyed the most. If you're around and if you want to catch some of the excitement, then this would be a great place to start. Only, allow me to suggest that you arrive a couple of hours before the match to ensure that you get a comfy seat with a good view of the television.

Dodge and a baby jukebox

A baby jukebox
While waiting to watch the depressing South Africa / Uruguay match on Wednesday we had a quick bite to eat at an American diner-like restaurant called Dodge City Diner in the V&A Waterfront.

All the restaurants were so full and we ended up at Dodge only because we saw two seats, miraculously open! We'd never eaten there, and we weren't holding out much hope of enjoying it, but we were actually greatly surprised and really loved it! Kerry-Anne had a burger with chips, onion rings and a cheesy sauce while I had (*drum roll*) a waffle with syrup and ice-cream and a bowl of French fries on the side! :)

Don't you just love this little table-jukebox? It takes R2 and R5 coins which will play 1 and 3 songs respectively. Unfortunately we had absolutely no change so I can't say how well it worked. We'll however definitely be back to try it out!

Visiting Cape Point – more fun than I remember

Cape Point
We hadn't been to Cape Point in years (can you believe!?) so we were really excited to have an excuse to visit. Even though the day was cold with rain, the breakfast in the warm Two Oceans Restaurant, this astonishingly beautiful view from the restaurant, and the breathtaking views from the top funicular station made it worth waking up early to drive the 100km from our northern suburbs home to Cape Point (map).

While ascending in the Flying Dutchman we had views of what must be one of the most beautiful beaches; Dias Beach. Apparently the hike (yes hike) down to the beach is long and steep, but oh wow - can you imaging spending a few hours down there!?

The visit to the point made me realise that I really need to spend more time taking short walks and hikes in the area. Perhaps a fun idea would be to hire a place in Scarborough, Simons Town, or one of the other places close by so that we can spend time exploring the area properly.

Entrance fees are currently R75 per adult, but if you have a South African ID book then I suggest that you rather purchase a Wild Card - it'll work out far cheaper and gives you access to more parks.

Breakfast at the Foodbarn Deli

Foodbarn DeliUpon the recommendation of a friend, we had breakfast at the Foodbarn Deli at Noordhoek Farm Village on Saturday. From now on I shall take very seriously any recommendation made by said friend. What a fabulous spot!

Not only was the food excellent (it's only the second place Paul and I have found in the Cape that can actually make a proper poached egg), but the atmosphere was great as well. It seems to be THE spot to be on a Saturday morning in Noordhoek - we had to wait for a few minutes to get a table, and throughout the morning people just kept on streaming in. The decor is very pretty, and of course I was totally enchanted by the wall of books you can see in this photo.

Noordhoek Farm Village is quite a long drive from where we live (59km, as mentioned in our previous post), but I think it may just be worth getting up early once in a while and driving through for a Saturday morning breakfast. Perhaps we'll see you there. :)